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Ariamo Fashion Group​
Ariamo Fashion Group was established in 2015. The name is a combination of two Italian words ARIA and AMO (meaning air and love), Thus, it epitomizes and glorifies love for every wife to be. We are confident that every girl will find the dress of her dreams among the selection offered by all the MADIONI brands. We have 4 completely different and multifaceted designer lines to make the dream of every bride come true. See collections
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About Madioni

As a child, every girl imagined a princess dress and dreamed of the day when her prince would appear in life. Start a new chapter of your story in a MADIONI dress that exceeds all your expectations, in which every thread and button is magical.

Whether you dreamed of a grand luxury wedding or a small party, your special day will be charming, unforgettable and tailor-made for you in a dress from our magical MADIONI.

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What do You think about Bride’s special day? Do You imagine it? And we at ARIAMO imagine Her every day. Because this is our job: to predict every bridal move, look in the mirror, touch the fabric. We tailor every wedding dress to make Her feel free, happy and indescribably beautiful at The main day.
Liberty and freedom of the bride with choosing exactly how wedding day will go is our main value. Therefore, we create a design that will fit into any wedding concept. Who is the bride at the wedding – an elven princess, a bohemian virgin or an Italian aristocrat? From You we need just the decision, and from us You get an amazing dress in the style of rustic or bohemian with: @ariamobridal, classic with: @madionibridal or couture with: @tesorobridal. A dress in which Bride will first of all feel HERSELF.
The main focus of Ariamo Fashion Group is creation of fashion liberty, inventing trends and understanding of your feelings, how your wants and needs evolve. MADIONI wedding gown is pure emotion. For both the designer and the bride.

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